About Us

Roger HannerRoger Hanner was born and raised just outside Stringtown, Missouri with a population of 298 people. It is a small town near Poplar Bluff, Missouri. With five children in his family and Roger being the youngest, baseball, hunting and fishing became an important part of his life.

As a youngster, Roger was raised in a little church just outside of Stringtown called Kerns Chapel. His faith in God, his love for hunting fishing and baseball were all important things in his life. At the age of fifteen, Roger quit playing baseball and made the decision to enter the work force. With baseball on his mind, he worked through high school in order to buy an old truck and have his own money and transportation. He never went to college. He continued to work hard for years trying to provide the best for his family.

Roger and his family, which by this time included wife Julie, and four kids, Shelby, Madison, Dawson, and Savannah built their dream house and Roger was working for Corporate America. Roger turned his life over to the Lord and made some dramatic changes in the way he was living. Roger put all of his faith in the Almighty. As a Christian man and a member of the Palace of Praise church, he and his wife are raising their kids on biblical beliefs.

On November 18, 2011 at 5:00 AM, Roger headed to the deer woods on the last weekend of deer season. It was a frigid eighteen degrees outside that morning. After setting in his climbing tree stand for nearly an hour and a half, he stood up to stretch his legs and when he did the arm/seat rest platform slipped in the tree and fell to his ankles. After nearly falling out of his stand, he thought to himself, there had to be a better way to secure a climbing tree stand to prevent falling injuries or even fatality. As another half an hour passes, he is so cold he speaks out loud, “God send me something because I’m getting down in 5 minutes. I can’t take it anymore!” The very second he spoke those words, a large 10 point buck comes feeding through the woods. His prayer was answered that quickly. This buck was the biggest buck he had ever killed. He thought on the issue of his tree stand slipping and prayed that someone would market a solution to help aid in the safety of hunters.

About three weeks later, Roger woke up one Sunday morning at about 3:00 am and saw a vision on the wall that showed great detail of a solution to prevent a tree stand from slipping. He reported this vision was like looking through a scope of a gun, where it was directly focused on the solution and nothing around it was of concern. He wrote down the details as he saw them. After church that day, he made a very simple version of what he saw out of rope and other items around the house. It tested flawlessly. He was in awe that God had chosen him to step forward with this solution. What he created is straps to firmly secure the climbing tree stand onto the tree, regardless of the position of the hunter. This was the day that the STABILIZER SYSTEM was born. He later filed for a patent and applied for Rutt N StuF to be a LLC.

A few months later he left his Corporate America job. He wanted to get back to his roots and just live a simple life. He and his wife decided to take a leap of faith with the vision GOD gave him and run with it. He has his new vision Rutt N StuF in his sights. He is trying to help save lives in more than one way. You can ask him today and he will tell you “If God is for you than who could be against you”. It isn’t often a person can live a dream but Roger Hanner is proving it is possible with vision, hard work, helping hands, and an unshakable faith in GOD. Roger knows that God will lead him to the promise land.